Little Acres Farm

Our little farm is just beginning…a tiny little egg of a farm- if you will. While we have several domestics (ie 2 dogs, a cat and a couple of freshwater fish) we recently began our journey into backyard chickens.

We began with 4 pullets (ie girl chickens) who are now about 4 months old.

Meet Stella, Gretel, Addie and Poppy.


When we got our OG’s {Original Girls} I had also wanted two Silkie chickens but they were tiny chicks and we were unsure if they were female or not {read: this girl doesn’t want roosters right now}. I buy all of our birds from a wonderful breeder in our area and she knew my love for them so as they got older she would always reach out to me about them. When they were finally ready- we drove out to see them and um, well- gimme all the Silkies.

Meet the newest girls- and the ones to complete my flock for now-

Cocoa & Gidget


Silkies are so different from the other girls- it was a rough beginning week as the OG’s were quite busy establishing the pecking order, but things have now settled and they are being less bullied and they are just the sweetest things.