DIY: Fall, Shabby-Chic White Garland Tutorial

Hi guys! Another simple DIY on my YouTube channel for you on how to create your own Fall Garland. My style with my home is changing and this year I was on the hunt for a white fall garland. I thought Hobby Lobby would have been my answer, but alas, it was not and another DIY was born. I hope you enjoy!

Click here to watch my tutorial!

One thought on “DIY: Fall, Shabby-Chic White Garland Tutorial

  1. Oh hi! I am a reader! I would love to see you have a Facebook Page! and a Pinterest Pin option. Although I think if I were on my phone, that would be built in. Omg. Am I old that I don’t know these things? If I were in Murica, I’d be going to make this garland right now. Since I’m not, I’m gonna go find what I can and I’ll share how it goes. I love this idea! Thanks for the inspiration. I love you!


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