I had a blog once. I wrote about mundane topics that allowed me to write about things that were on my mind…which if you can visualize a web browser with at least 7 open tabs, then you can see what my brain feels like? I think many of us are a lot alike in that sense – constantly thinking about things, googling, scrolling, planning, talking. But how many times do I remind myself to just be. Just stop googling. Stop comparing. Stop scrolling. To just.be.still. 

Over the past several years, no matter where my train in my mind travels to it always comes back to blogging and YouTube. Hasn’t someone said “If you can’t stop thinking about it, just do it” or something along those lines? Hang on- let me find it.


Well I certainly didn’t know Michael Jordan keyed it- but it’s still a good one nonetheless. I have wanted to get started SO many times, but have remained my own worst enemy. Why do we do that to ourselves? Why are we constantly comparing ourselves to other successful people thinking, there are already so many bloggers, so many YouTubers…WHY START NOW??

I always come back to- WHY NOT? If not now, when? I don’t want to be here in September of 2018 cursing myself for not just jumping in a doing it. So I’m here… and giving myself a year. One year- and if I don’t have more that 10 people who want to read what I write or watch the videos I create, at least I’ll know I gave it a fair shot. And then maybe I can move on to a different pasture. With a bigger barn- or a barn, rather. Further away from people. Okay- that’s another post for another day.



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