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    DIY- No Sew, Kids Teepee Tutorial

    Hi! I have a fun tutorial for you today- on how I built my own kid’s tee-pee! I had been looking around online and in stores for quite awhile and the least expensive teepee I could find was around $80ish which was not really what I was hoping for. So, I set out {without any actual building plans} just a vision in my head and created what turned out to be a perfect little tee-pee! I hope you enjoy it! Click here to watch my Tutorial!

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    DIY Children’s Chicken Costume

    Hi friends! I made my daughter’s Halloween costume this year as we are kinda into the whole chicken theme right now, lol. My daughter is still at the age where she can be what I want her to be- so it’s fun for me! {parenting win- amiright?} This was a labor of love for sure as I survived a legit 3rd degree burn from this one- but it turned out so well. I got asked several times if I made it, so I decided to share this video with you as I couldn’t find any great tutorials or even where to buy a cute chicken costume online. I hope you…

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